We create games and mobile apps that WOW.


We work with entrepreneurs and brands to bring magic and life to big ideas.

Launch faster and at lower cost.

We work like startups, finding the fastest and easiest way to launch fast so you can get your product in market, learn from your customers. Close the loop and iterate is the mantra we live by.

Amazing experiences that move people.

Your success depends on how well your app or game engages people. Our DNA from the gaming industry gives you an edge in crafting products that wow.

The best people on your job.

Every job is uniquely different and requires unique skills. That’s why we operate a just-in-time outsource model where we engage the best resources for your project. This low overhead model means higher quality at lower cost.


Imaginative, edgy, ingenious, fun, down-to-earth. That’s us. We have a unique DNA formed over 20 years in the gaming industry. This background gives us a profound understanding of the mechanics of fun and engagement. This is why our apps and games engage people in ways that have to be seen to be believed.

Got a gnarly technical or IOT challenge? No problem!

No bull, we’ve tackled and solved some of the most challenging technical problems you can imagine, using mesh networks, bluetooth, telemetry, sensors, model decimation (yes that is a thing!), and more.  You imagine it, we make it real.

It’s not all fun and games:)

It’s easy to assume that SM is simply a games company, but the founders’ diverse technical and creative backgrounds have naturally lead the company into a space where it has become the go-to place for mobile apps, IOT projects, virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as games for entertainment and serious purposes.  

Sounds like a lot (and it is!), but combining real technical depth with many years in the highly competitive games industry turns out to be a successful formula for delivering our clients’ unique requirements.

Brook Waters

Brook Waters


Margaret Pickering

Margaret Pickering


“Brook and his team at Stickmen Media have been integral to my project. His talented developers have overcome many technical hurdles to deliver a more than satisfactory product. Stickmen Media adopted a comprehensive approach to building my application which helped keep it on track. This approach ensured that there were no surprises and that the job was completed.”   Andrew Johnson – Director, Virtual Worksite Ltd

“The focus, dedication and capability that this New Zealand based creative entertainment team is showing is world class and undoubtedly will make a huge impact in the coming years with the work that they are doing. It is wonderful to see this level of ingenuity and creative content coming from our country.”    Sir Richard Taylor – Weta WorkShop

What are you waiting for?

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